Tuesday, April 29, 2008

we had the trails to ourselves.......

that's right! four hours on the trails and not one other trail user. awesome. i rode up schultz from the last campsite on schultz pass road across from the entrance to dogfood through all the clear, cold stream crossings to the cutover back to dogfood {we always used to call this old road "t-bar" because of the old piece of t-bar driven into the ground at the "y" on dogfood} and up to the pipeline, turning left to moto trail, ripping 3-wheel drifts down to the silver gate and then back up to the car. man, i'm allot faster downhill and on technical trails then the last few years! sorry for the quick post, just wanna let everyone know that i'm getting out there.......i'll put some pics up tonight of ben's cruiser frame, i'm going to try and finish it today. man, there's a shit load of work in those things.......prices will likely go up. also, for coconino customers: expect the price of shipping your frames/parts/bikes to be higher {they are not reflected in pricing} i sent a frame & fork to virginia to the tune of $64.00 yesterday - ouch! more soon, steve.


Anonymous said...


Nice pics, love seeing the pups in the snow!

Can Denise (or you) ship from the hospital? I've never paid more than $40. to ship a complete bicycle. Our hospital gets a special rate with UPS.

The butterscotch bike is magnificent in every way!

Preskit Matt

aki said...

I love to see Cody & Sally put their cheeks on the snow ground.

Really cute pix!