Thursday, April 10, 2008

getting back to buisness.

got good progress on trent's bike! just seatstay day left, then brazing and polishing/brazeons. and, since it's a touring bike, it's gonna have lots of them. and, some random shop pics - a shot of the downtube/headtube miter. nailed that right in the center, huh? you think that might be sorta sharp? and, a closeup of tacking/tinning. i sorta do a combo while i fit the tubes together for. pre-brazing alignment. i've found i can get better results doing tiny amounts of coldsetting if the seattube is fully "tinned", or having a very tiny braze all around it. when i do this, i go for maximum brass penetration, actually shoving brass into the joint while hot for a substantial internal fillet. good stuff! and, here's hairy wart doing some side work - mass producing seattube sleeves. it's great to have a whole box of stuff like this pre-made. and, a shot of just another reason to go to mexico - to buff out the hotsauce colection with blends unavailible here in the usa!


Japhy rider said...

very cool to read that you're feeling better now and to see work coming along on Trent's bike. we've got some tourin plans for this spring and talk smack about a few other longish weekend rides we'd like to do. glad to see he's gonna have one of the world's toughest tourin' bikes to travel on.

have fun with those hot sauses. umm, it's happy hour! gotta shred!


creighton said...

A fully functioning frame maker is a happy frame maker! Sometimes you just gots to don the footie pajamas a be horizontal for a spell. If you need anything.....CW

Dave said...

Not much missing from any of those salsa bottles. Must be REALLY hot or those are for display only.
We have a number of Mexican grocery stores here. I'll see if they have or will get some of your picks. I love that stuff too.
I lost my ability to smell in a bike wreck about 25 years ago. Thank goodness my tongues taste buds still work!