Sunday, April 13, 2008

lower trails opening up in flag.

the south facing lower trails are opening up in flag, and i got out for a short spin yesterday on schultz creek and fort valley. it was really nice to get out in the pines, especially in a spring where there is water flowing in almost every gully. didn't get out very far or very long as my rotor cuff on my right arm that i use crutch walking is hurtin' and i need to get my sorry ass in some sorta shape after the long winter. off road hand cycling is soooo hard that you need to ease into it or you will injure youself for shure. the dogs were pretty stoked to be able to do a bunch of swimming and we don't have to bring dog water! here's to getting in shape for the summer! steve.


mimbres man said...

Just to let you know, my wheels are at my mom's. Thanks!

Sabrosa Cycles said...

mmmm. that schultz is amazing.

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve: I know you got that fancy Social Rank widget to tell you how cool you are, but we just got given a bloggery award and we're passing it along to you. The details are on The Regal Vizsla. In any case, thanks for keeping the world up to speed on the trials and tribulations of trying to make a living, stay committed to quality, and keep your s*&^t together.

best from here