Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ben's bike coming right along - beautiful!

some progress shots of ben's bike. it's looking really, really sweet! it's a 29er onespeed, and the angles and all the curves really flow. i'm taking a break on it today and i'm gonna start on it again tomorrow, i have some design details i want to mull over and i need to clear my mind, get some exercise and get the dogs out, so i'm off for a solo handcycle ride in my back yard at fort tutthill county park on the soldier's trail network. enjoy! steve.


aki said...

Hey Steve,

I checked famous Japanese Powdercoat company for bikes Kadowaki now paints sit ski as well. I think it is not nordic one, but looks very cool.


steve garro said...

thanks, aki! that thing looks fast just sitting there! steve.