Friday, April 18, 2008

bikes in, bikes out.

here's what's happening this friday! trent's bike is officially finished, twenty two brazeons later, and will ship to paint in the morning. color? "desert playa." wait and see. he's been spending time in nevada and the atacama and the color out there must have worn off on him. and, here's the beginning of a WHOLE lot of work - ben's 29er cruiser. the cruisers are always gonna be a whole lotta work, but boy, they sure are super cool, one of the coolest things ever, if you ask the owners of the seven or so coconino cruisers out there {i'd have to count for sure, post a comment if you own one and are reading} and, here's frank's kaisei tubed cross bike fresh outta the box. SWEET! i'll post more pics when i get it prepped/stickered/head badged. it sure feels light, and the fork looks great. i'm outta here, i'm tired, have to make dinner, shave, shower, make dinner and lay down. i'm going biking tomorrow. maybe i'll see you out there! steve.

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devin said...

I could only wish that I would be out on your dirt,,,,I crave dirt,,,have fun.