Wednesday, April 16, 2008


here's some pics of the goings-on here at coconino world headquarters. spring is in the air - you can tell mostly because the air outside is whizzing by at about 30mph! "wind season." to be followed by "dust season", then "rain season", then "fall", and finally "snow season." also, some of our flowers inside are blooming, the gorgeous purple ones are african violets, and the pink ones are inpatients. when we hiked up to machu pichu the ground was covered by inpatients.....and, the red finches are singing outside the house and building new nests in the eaves of the shop. been really busy around the pad, we had our nephew scott here checking out collage, and rody from groovy cycles and friends hanging out and riding bikes. during all this, i got four wheels built, and got trent's bike almost done. i'll finish it tomorrow, all i have to do is polish the bottom bracket junction and install all the many touring braze ons. what color, trent? next, ben's double toptube 29er cruiser! stay tuned, it's gonna be a beauty! steve.


aki said...

Hey Steve, these groovies' are another beatiful ones!
Say hi to Rody, he shipped me bunch of his Luv handles, so we Osaka local
SSer now realize where our love is!

Waka send me a copy of Dirtrag, which has coconino portrait at NAHBS,
that makes me big smile.

Your pix of Mexico are also great. These Tecate stand looks pretty cool,
even if there is no soaring vulture in the sky.


Japhy rider said...

Aki! how is the trail riding on your side of the horizon? it's very cool that the love of cycling and intrinsic value in well made stuff (thank you Garro) is appreciated by people all over.

see you in the mountains, or valleys. especially in the Great Basin.

Japhy rider

Anonymous said...

Garro-glad to hear Flagg is melting out. We're just back from 5 days with my parents in Sedona. had a fun time on Herk, OldPost, Highschool in the DryCreek and some of the other stuff like Girdner and Rupp. We were hoping to see you or Gullo on the trails. Sorry to miss you. Good wildflowers though.

cheers peteC

aki said...

Yo Japhy! First time I visited Flag 3 years ago, rode some secret with steve and D, I felt like I was on local trail in Osaka. Trail are very steep and rocky but we don't have afternoon moisture that give me Tecate hour with Steve so I would like to comeback this summer to shere with him.

I'm really happy to connect AZ-OR-ID holly triangle! Hope to ride with you in the GB sometime.


Wolfy said...

Sweeeeettt.... Trent'ssss bikeeeee. I'm gonna feel left out, only one on Team Bacon Strip w/o a Coconino! Well, not quite...