Monday, April 07, 2008

finally got frank's bike done, starting up trent's.

just taking a quick break in between bikes.....going back out after this post, my seattube sleeve should be done de-fluxing by then. got frank's kaisei bike all done - whew. seems like i've been working on it forever! it came out really nice, one of the lightest bikes for it's size i've built. overall, i was super impressed by the kaisei tubes, and hope to have an opportunity in the near future to utilise them again! but, now on to a bike of a totally different color! i'm starting trent's heavy-duty 29er touring bike. these never come out light, and they are not meant to, just to be super reliable under any conditions in the middle of nowhere. trent spends alot of time in northern chile, and this rig is gonna see time out in the atacama desert, the driest place on earth, and if you are gonna ride out in the atacama, you better have a trusty bike, believe me, i've ridden there. it's like the moon. here's some tubing specs: toptube: 1.25" x .035 4130. headtube: 37mm truetemper. downtube: 1.5" truetemper verus heattreated. seattube: pacenti/reynolds 1.25" sleeved to 1 3/8" {bomber}. chainstays: dedaccai .9mm s-bend. hand bent 4130 seatstays. paragon machineworks bb shell and dropouts. tough! trying to keep busy with a nasty spring cold totally kicking my ass, steve.

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shiggy said...

I like the cat-to-cat pic. I have several like that.

"What are you doing outside/inside?"
"So open the door already!"
"Am I looking at myself?"

Reminds me of the Marx Bros. "mirror" bit.