Thursday, March 29, 2012

Noah's frame, Rex's frame, projects.

Noah's frame and project winding down - a really cool looking matte finish which looks like graphite. Just a super great bike for endurance racing and single track riding in Missouri.
nice curves!

Side view.

Back view showing the swoopy stays and Coco-moto dropouts.

.........And, from the front showing the headbadge, curves and flow.

Scott's frame all fixed up with a new front triangle after the roof rack incident - good to go.

Side view - basic black.

Rex's bike at the get-go, ready to start cutting tubes.

Sussing up the various components to begin - Prestige helical down tube, Deda stays, True Temper custom drawn 4130, Paragon BB and stainless steel dropouts.

Alignment check - coming along very straight.

All tacked up, just needing seat stays. A comfortable 26" MTB for swoopy trails, mud and all weather riding to be used with a 14-speed internally geared Rohloff hub in Nor-Cal.

Seat stays - not a swoopy as Noah's bike, the sliders put the drop outs outside of the plates the hub bolts to and as such the rear end is wider, so you bend the stays less or they are too wide and you risk heel clip.......

Fit-up = everything is tight, very tight.

It's going to have these on it, too.

Thanks for reading all - quite very busy with everything and there has been a good number of new orders coming in as well, so more of the same - tubes in, bikes out, right on.

- Steve.

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