Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long time no post, been real busy / stuff & things.......

Rex's frame at final alignment check - very nice.
I accidentaly did something I've said never do, I put a curved tube and a tapered oval downtube so the only tube I had hold by to polish it was the seat tube - darn!

That is some tight fillet brazing even if I say so myself.


Out in the sun pre-polishing, post de-fluxing.

A nice shot for the curves, I began to think of it as the "Mudslinger" as it's made to use a 14-speed internally geared Rohloff hub, not clog with mud around the tires, and not collect mud on the chain - Rex sent me pics of what looked like a bike but coated with adobe - this should help - I also think I remember that Mountain Goat Cycles had a "mudslinger" model?

Checking out the housing runs, very nice. EP in the background helping out around the shop.

All polished out, most of the braze-ons in action - 27 individual braze-on pieces.

Here is Chris Noren's frame from the get-go, a 26er with a 120mm fork for Elko, Nevada.

Getting the spine straight from the get go, more pics to come ASAP now that I have my computer back from the computer doctor........pinche computers.

And here is the front triangle all tacked up - onwards tomorrow.

Look at the cool 2" tall sculpture I made!

Another weird one.........

D. & John - if you got your bike painted one color in the last 4-5 yrs then John likely did it - Iron Horse Powdercoat, 928-774-7747 Flagstaff, AZ.

Busted up again - yep, hyper extended thumb - ouchypoo, slowing me down a little but still at it.

We were down in the Verde Valley a bunch lately with friends & family.

Perfectly good singletrack.

Nice swimmin' hole.

Mystery flower.


Martian trail.

Cranking it out - a handcycle first, 4.5 hours out in the desert.

I made this!

The Yuman Beings up to visit from the desert.

Up canyon.

A couple big Bighorn Sheep.

Another nice day out with D.

Springtime in the desert.

These are called, yes, "bluedicks."

I got to show the boys how to catch the trout - got six.

Good to be back at it, office day today. Thanks for checking in & reading, everyone, thanks allot.

- Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Killer desert shots! Fillets are perfect as always.

Anonymous said...

Looks like life is dang good in the desert! Man every time you build a frame and post the pics I say Wow! nice work, wish I was standing so I could order a frame from you!
Dave Stewart