Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noah's frame almost done, some sun time, some snow time.

Noah's frame winding down - I'll be really stoked to get him his bike, I'm always very grateful for each and every order and am equally thankful for their patience - thanks, all of you!

I just need to polish the head tube fillets & add the few braze-ons. Almost there - mandatory office day today to catch up on parts, frame building supplies, bills, checks, bank, filing invoices, taxes..........etc ad nauseum.

Checking the stays to ensure that the hub is centered with the entire frame.

The line is "nuts-on" whereas the dot is "super-nuts-on"


Final alignment check - straight.

A cool shot during the check to show the S-bend stays.

Headtube fillets, golden goodness. I love brass - I do.

More fillets.

I do offer no-file frames as well - if interested, ask.

A detail shot of the beads - every single one is a freeze/thaw puddle made with the torch in one hand and the brass rod in the other.

I can braze with both hands.......

After much polishing!

Drive By Smiling!

We spent some time in Camp Verde linking up singletrack - there's all kinds - rocky.....


.......swimmin' holes.......

Even flowers down there, while 40 miles north in Flag........... snows 30" in ~ 48 hours. it's all about altitude.

Hey! thanks for reading, all - Steve.

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perryd said...

good pic of flyin' Ryan Heck. He spreads joy pretty much everywhere he goes.