Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Back from Baja, back to work.

Wow - what a great trip!
Enjoy the pics, there are allot, and grouped into a few classes, as we did an out & back. They are roughly set up thusly: Sunrises/sunsets, random faves, desert, whales, San Ignacio, Bahia Concepcion, and the Boojum Forest.


WPVelo said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Steve, great pics! Love the boojums up close and personal! Christie

DMC said...

Awesome love the pictures...Anna was drooling over them last night.. Told her the story of you riding your bike from Flagtown down to Mexico and home,, Was Are and All always Be a Bad ass... Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you made it home ok. Our adventure continues. We went south to escondida blanca and are heading north again. Met lots more nice folks and awesome places. No problemas at all. Pinche viento! Kayaking almost every day. Tomorrow we kayak the Mulehonky River. It was fun traveling with you and will see you when we get back.
Jerry and Roabie

Japhy rider said...

fanstastic pics! looks like a paradise for vagabonding and boating. my only foray into Baja only went as far south as Catavinia, and it felt like things were really just getting interesting. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos, the black interlude between images is interesting.

What a lovely place, hope to spend some time in Baja if I ever break free from this mountain that holds me.