Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PVB's bike all built up and a couple update shots of dave's frame.

just a quick post folks! pvb sent me some pics of his rootbeer one speed - man, it sure looks sweet! damn, that's a nice bike! get a good look at it here, if you see it on the trails it may be traveling too fast to get much more then a glimpse. also, just some update shots of dave's bike. boy, when you are building at either end of the size spectrum it's really nice to have your parts the bike will use handy. i really wanted to {and did} use a 72* seattube angle on dave's bike to give it a nice long effective toptube measurement and a roomy cockpit area while still keeping the front-center measurement under control AND keep the chainstays short as possible to keep the wheelbase manageable for trail riding - allot of design aspects to juggle! so here i'm making sure the tire clearance is good, the 180mm cranks and the chainrings clear the chainstay, and that the front derailleur clears the chainstay, the tire AND had a good cable routing path. makes me really glad i was a mechanic for as long as i was, folks. steve.

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