Tuesday, May 06, 2008

lee's ferry kayak trip - about as good as it gets!

just had four stellar days sea kayaking the colorado river upstream from lee's ferry. it was awesome! despite daunting winds on the night before all our days on the water and in camp were perfect. we all caught beautiful trout with barry coming out waaay on top of the trout count but denise & me both caught some beauties and they all went back into the deep except some select specimens for the frying pan. cheers to jeff and jane for toughing out some hard paddling! jeff did some swimming due to his overloaded boat, but only lost a hat. a great time was had by all!!! get out there and go, it's one of the secret arizona freebies....... steve.


Rusty said...

hmmm steve. Always figured you for a fly fisherman, not a plunker. You caught some beauties though ... maybe we could fish sometime.

steve garro said...

naw - i like huckin' metal! steve.

mimbres man said...

I'll have to haul my boat up some day and do some paddling on the Colorado. Looks awesome!
When you guys coming down? Maybe you can catch a red snapper.

Anonymous said...

Any caught on the lure I sent out? Nice water & nice fish! Joe

Ferry said...

Hi Steve,
Very nice moments you captured in your ferry kayak trip.
Really pictures were nice.