Monday, May 12, 2008

groveling with company.

went riding with another handcyclist for the first time since the worlds last august - darol kubacz. darol turned me on to the one-off, and he's training for his second assault on the summit of Kilimanjaro this august. it was nice to get out and ride with someone once or twice a year or so! it was a plenty hard 4 1/2 hour ride up dog food and old weatherford road and down hotshot and schultz creek. a great time was had by all! steve.

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aki said...

Happy "big day" to you, Steve!

40 is the good period, according to old Chinese Kongzi;
"You can't have any doubt at 40!"

40 was the good period for me as well, I visited Bendor my 40's summer and that made me
start something, you know. Hope you have good times, too!