Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dave's bike done, had a nice chilly ride.

well, got dave's bike done. here's a picture of the frame before i did all the brazeons, it's really pretty at this stage, all shiny and smooth. it's gonna go out to paint in the next couple days and come back pretty soon all nice and orange. went for a good tough ride on a cool, windy day up to the wilderness boundary on weatherford trail from an old seldom used trail to the east and then down orion springs trail with it's new out-of-the-ditch sections. pretty nice, but one thing i don't get - why did they make the trail right through the spring? not very wildlife or watershed friendly, in my opinion...... anyway, we hooked back over to where we started via unused pine-needle covered connector trails and back to the car for a 4 1/2 hour grovel with denise. it will be summer some day, really, it will. steve.

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Japhy rider said...

it sounds like "dust season" there near Flagstaff may be a no-go this year,eh? we've had lots of rain in NW NV the last week. it sure makes for luscious trail riding.

hope to visit you guys again one someday. take care.