Saturday, May 17, 2008

trails could not be any better!

if it's Saturday and you are sitting around reading this, get your act together and get out there! it's a beautiful day and trails are perfect! me, i'm gonna go out and prep a frame and do a ton of braze-ons. but, don't feel too bad for me, cuz here's what i was doing yesterday afternoon - ripping down sunset trail with perfect tacky-ness, doing two and three wheel high speed drifts through perfectly groomed banked turns. it's finally warming up, and last weeks' snow really buffed out and greened up the forest and left a beautiful lining of snow on the peaks. can't wait for the flower season and getting up high, high in the inner basin and the upper mountains later {probably much later} in the summer. off to work, steve.

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devin said...

ahh sounds wonderful those are the spring days that I used to love there. Enjoy and keep making great frames.