Friday, July 24, 2015

For Maryanne's 80Th = Arizona > New Mexico > Colorado > Nebraska > Iowa > Minnesota > Wisconsin > Minnesota > Iowa > Nebraska > Colorado > New Mexico > Arizona

 What better way to start a three week trip then by going riding where you live?

Then, off to WI to celebrate D's mother's 80th birthday, no missing that!


 Deer's Ears

 And off to the San Luis Valley!

 A stunning place - Great Sand dunes National Park

 Biggest dunes in the Western Hemisphere!

 750ft tall!


 Osa was *so* stoked on this place.

 Pretty damn cool.

 D. scaling a minor side dune

 An amazing dramatic landscape!

 And then off to the Arkansas river valley - we'll be back!

 A nice paddle at near 10,000ft elevation


 A Summit County paddle


 D's sis Michelle has one!


 D's bro Joe

  Largemouth above, smallmouth below

 Brian & Jim

 N. Pike

 House on the Mississippi River

 I think they want breakfast?!?

 Water is what's going on.

 A nice smallie & a bunch of turtles

 Joe & Steph get a big one………then a bigger one!

 Red Horse Sucker & a nice Bluegill

 Black Crappie & a nice smallie

 Nancy & Nicole

 Family float!

 Fish fry!

 Family tradition, so good……..

 Grandmother & granddaughter

 Maryanne, Montana, Joey, Nicole, Mattie.

 Wisco Style

 Mom, three sisters & granddaughter Roxie

 Michelle, Mom, Denise, Nicole

 Love that pose - a daytime Channel Cat

 More bass!

 Trempeleau River float

 Glad we brought the flotilla!

 Sweet Fulbot

 Bald Eagle, Osa with Roxie


 Back to CO on the way home.

 State flower Colorado Columbine, and Rosy Paintbrush.

 Parry's Primrose.

 Man………getting there, about 11,500ft

 Slightly delirious
I used to spend allot of time here.

 In Salida for fun, D got to ride the Monarch Crest too.

 What a show!!

 Marcus, Windy & Avvie

 Mt Shavano going off!

 Taylor McKinnon

 Scot Banks

 Now down to the Sange de Cristos - very beautiful there.

 11 switchbacks

 The valley is 75mi x 155mi

 Sego, Penstemmon.

 Bumpy ride to Crestone where we had a great meal

 Last stop got rained out of Penitente Canyon - we'll be back, it was awesome!

To all we didn't see, we'll see you next time, we fit in allot of stuff!

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