Saturday, August 08, 2015

A whole post of awesome!

 Lots of things going on here, just crazy-busy!

 A fork for the white Dirt Roadster you will see below.

 Tack sequence below.

 I didn't have the cranks at the time, so back to good old drafting!

 We are also harvesting our small 35-ish tree orchard, and preserving it - just did 20lbs of salsa too - here, plum jam & BBQ sauce.

 Always optimum to get the parts in hand.

 Offset BB miters

 Just moving along……..

 Now yellow plum time!

 I had to fix our tandem sea kayak, and re-build my wife's favorite bike including new wheels & drivetrain.

 This fork is for the project I am currently working on.

 Cruiser for a client 6'6"


 Blue metallic - so cool.

 A whole bunch of detail shots below:

 And also a Dirt Roadster for ~ 35 tires

 Also excellent work from Spectrum Powder

 Details, details……..

 And then peaches, thousands of them!

 Do everything as to the best of your ability.

 Roadster assembled!

 And then this………Dirt Roadster / Drop-bar MTB with integrated truss rack!

 Amazing details on this one.

 And how about that?

Thanks all - rolling along, stay tuned & thank you!
 - Steve


Bike That AZ Up said...

Wow your bikes are so pretty! Would love to come check them out sometime. The salsas and jelly look great too!

Anonymous said...

Great work.