Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bike on order = READ THIS - full build list plus NO NEW ORDERS IN JANUARY - details within.

You read that right - no new orders this January, I intend to build out all the orders I have, take a few months off to work on my properties and my body, then get back at it with perhaps new or at least tweaked "models."

So, if you see you name on the list, drop me a line, or expect to be contacted soon, and please let me know what your order status is, if you bump your bike to the end and I get to the end your order will not carry over & you will get a refund on you deposit as I want to start with a clean slate after more then 13yrs at the bench, projects have become increasingly complex and custom paint takes longer, but as you see the results are very, very nice.

Here is the current build list:

On deck: Jon L.

Then: Dave R, Shabir K, Wendy N, Craig M, Michael H, Chris R, Kip M, James P, Stuart L, Nate T, Steve H, Paul E, Dana E, Jennifer J, Don B, Eric P, Perry D, Andrew K, John U, Jason R, David T, Pav & Mrs Pav, BT, Matt F, Derrill W, Tom F, Bill S, Steve H.

I need your info so please read & submit them, please:

And of course you are always welcome to a refund at anytime, no worries, no hard feelings, life happens!

Thank you so much for your patience and love, three bikes from paint soon so keep tuned!
 - Steve.

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