Monday, May 19, 2014

A new Coconino Cycles Mountain Cruiser

  All photos mixed randomly, as blogger likes to do to me now………
 But, here is another CCMC, this one in a luscious "Arizona Copper" - here is the detail of the finish work on the kicker tube/down tube junction.

 I got a new bad-ass 27.2mm seat post reamer from Joe Bringheli - always stoked to get a new tool from Joe.
 Below, I'm using a crown race cutter, also from Joe B, to finish a fork.

 Below, standard glamor shots.

 Stock hand poured head badge, same as always.

 There is a deep gold flake laid over this color.

 Unicrown fork, tons of clearance and elegant.

 Serious toil, there.
Stay tuned in the next few days for a full build queue, some important news, and Coconino Cycles actually gets bike models!
 - Steve.

1 comment:

Michael Rushton said...

Great work as always Steve.

Would you mind me asking what you use for the Cruiser down tubes (plain gauge, regular butted, long butted section etc).

I'm just making a 26er for youngest kid and wondering about dropping the top tube for extra standover (like the old Cannondale frames)