Saturday, May 10, 2014

One cruiser down, another cruiser up, and out of here all next week.

 Once again Blogger has scrambled my photos, but they are all here, so it's all good.
I think I posted some images of this frame, but not in the sun - it's been spring/winter/spring, so it's been a hard call.
Anyhoo, this is Coconino Cycles "Team Orange" - it has a deep yet subtle gold flake, and if I do say so myself, is a bad-ass color!

 Excellent clearance, two piece tapered stays, horizontal/disc/derailleur tab/rack mounts/44mm headtube

 Sweet lines included N/C

 Off & going on a Coconino Mountain Cruiser


 Excellent clearance at 16.5" and the kicker braze.

 A burly braze, and completed Fun Stays.

 Sun/snow/sun/wind/snow/sun/wind/sleet/sun/wind = Spring.

 As-brazed, they will be "massaged"

 Now finished with smoother lines.

 The pick-up!
Always so fun.


 The completion of every cruiser is a celebration.

 Some fine polishing.

Just a quick post, and I'm out of here all next week kayaking for my birthday, and keep posted as the next post will be cool pics and big news as well the the current build queue - see you next weekend!
 - Steve.

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