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June / photo dump / build "models" / full build list & news / pictures scrambled by Blogger, sorry.

I hope this post makes sense, I have no idea why but when I post pictures to Blogger is has them in order, but upon publishing they are all scrambled - sorry, and if you have questions or want a clarification then just let me know - no worries!
 Biggest news is that I am not going to take orders in January on 2015 - I am going to build almost if not all the bikes on my build list, which you will find at the end of this post - it's just my way of cleaning house, and then I can finish some projects, and change some things around.
 Not going anywhere, I need to make a living, and after 25 years in the bike biz, well here we are!

Pollard got his cruiser in AZ Copper - it's outstanding!
Thanks for the great pics, EP.
As we see below, the "Coconino Mountain Cruiser" can be either rigid or  be built with
front suspension, copper is a stock color, and the one with chevrons is custom paint at an up charge - beautiful.

Cruisers can be almost any wheel size - 24, 26, 29" or 650B or a combo thereof.
Also rigid forks are available with frames only, non suspension corrected, 445ATC max, disc or rim brake.

Cruisers are a $200.00 upgrade to base frame price.

May was a total bitch - I burned my foot really badly (but healing nicely) but which required me to keep it elevated for much of the time, which eats into your productivity - sorry!
I also had a steroid injection for shoulder problems, which nuked me for days - but now, optimistically back at it!

We also came close to being evacuated, we were right on the cusp.
We could not see far, the air was so bad we left for four days, and almost burning chunks of debris were falling from the sky.
It sucked, and like the burn, was not conducive to productivity.

In all my days as a Hotshot I don't think I saw debris this big fall from the sky, and if we did, we would have got the **** out of there.

And, then on to another cruiser.
A 29er.

Above, our exclusive coco-moto dropout.
I pretty much use these and the venerable Paragon Machine Works DR-2010 vertical disc dropout, but we can talk about options for each bike as they come.

These can have the disc mount, rack mount, and derailleur hanger……or, none of that.

Below, part of the reason they are + $200.

And, I make "regular" mountain bikes.
Pretty self-explanatory, each different, but sharing many traits.
Full custom, straight or curved top tube.
*All bikes now must have a 73mm wide BB shell or better, but 73 works for most, also no rear axle spacing less then 135mm*
 Also, choice of 1.125" head tube (elegant with a rigid, like the copper bike shown) or a paragon 44mm oversized/tapered head tube like the black/white chevron bike. .
The future is now.

Above, a bike in Ceramikote, which is an up charge, or stock powder included, like the Team Orange shown below.
Call for details.

Two-piece segmented "Fun Stays"
Beautiful, elegant, resilient, and comfy.

Stock seat tube lug/sleeve/reinforcement on all bikes.

I also make all-arounder dirt-roadsters/tourers/whatever-you-want-to-call them bikes in any wheel size like the white one below, this one also with a Coconino fork.
Any brake system, but a mandatory 73mm BB shell & 135mm rear spacing.

Below, the basic god olde "Mountain Bike"
The bread & butter model, any appropriate wheel size.

And, some smooth fillet brazing.
And, here is my build queue presently:
Andrea: On deck.
Scott K (need to call you tomorrow) Serge, Mike V (come visit), Shilo P, Keri P, Christie D, Kevin D, Scott Z3, Steve H, Steve K, Rob B, John C, John L, Bill S, Stabo, Mike B, Lee A, Todd L, Kenton H, Russell L, Jeff A, Dave R, Stuart L, Shabir K, Wendy N, Craig M, Michael H, Chris R, Kip M, James P.
Drop me an e-mail, please. Thanks for reading!
 - Steve.

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