Friday, October 25, 2013

Cranking through October, out of here soon / builds directly in line after I return.

 I knocked out the polishing and everything else on David M's 29er - very nice!

 Looking good, off to PHX for a life of rocks & cacti.

 Very elegant, IMO.
 ....And then on to Brad A's 650 = I have been going to an over sized seat tube for most everyone over a certain weight & height, here i am making it from scratch, essentially creating an externally and internally butted tube from 4130.

 ST sleeve.

 Drilling H2O holes & how not to ding the other side of your tube when doing so - insert a scrap tube.

 BAM! Ready to be tacked to the BB shell.

 Pretty water tight.

 Front triangle done, 650B x 120mm travel Fox fork.

Shop inspector/cheer squad.

 I even got out to see what was left of the fall colors.

 And got to go boating with my beautiful wife on out 12th anniversary.

 Many, many trout were caught.

 New friends were made, thanks for going, Hank & Jon!

Enjoying the shade.

 My life. Isolated in beauty.

That's it for now, folks.
Brad A's bike will be the last before we go to Baja from Nov 10th to Dec 6th, we will have a house sitter, so we can still receive packages.
I will hit the ground running upon returning, and here is who is up immediately: K-Bar, E-Mark, Steve C, Tom F, Teresa H, Deb L, Matt P, Pollard, Jim G, Kevin D, Christie D, Scott K, Scott/Z3, Serge, Mike V, Shilo P, Keri P, Andrea, Steve H, Steve K x 2, Rob B, Christian L, John C, John L, Bill S, Stabo, mike B, Lee A.
- Steve.

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