Saturday, November 09, 2013

Wrapping up bikes before we leave for 3.5 weeks - see you Dec 7th.

Busy as heck, no real exercise for over three weeks, feeling kind of unhealthy but out of here for
three + weeks of recreation in Baja, Mexico.
See you mid December!
 This is DM's 29er in Guacamole, it's going to be here until it's picked up in Dec.

The curves just came out sublime.

 This is a different bike completely, a 650B all decked out in King, Fox, XT, Thomson......

 Gorgeous and shred-worthy.

 6'2" rider, stiff, snappy.

 Guacamole x2.

 And then there is Kyle's 26' dirt roadster/West Texas dirt road bike/divide tour bike.

 Classic & stunning.

 You would like one......

 Yummy classic, a timeless bike for all occasions.

 Beautiful paint by Spectrum Powder.

That's what I have for now, thanks all for everything, see you in Dec, and remember that I will be taking orders again on 1/1/14, and also check out the Coconino review in the current November issue of Dirtrag Magazine - see you then, and thank you!
- Steve.


Paul Eckert said...

Enjoy your break ,Mr . Garro, after these builds, its well deserved. ..sweet rides. ..

Carrie Cooper said...

Hi Steve,
My husband Kyle George has one of your amazing bikes. I know just a smidge about your SCI and I saw your adapted mountain bike. I'm wondering if you make those or if you planned to start?? There is a program in Salt Lake City called TRAILS and they are trying to engineer anything from bikes to kayak seats for complete SCIs. I thought of you when I learned about it. Hope your break is great!