Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy, busy........bikes are coming out more awesome then ever / blogger scrambled my pictures!

 Got Michael's frame back - racer green with gold sparkle topcoat - this will be a stock color - it ROCKS.

 Some bikes just nail the lines, and this is one of them - a 650B x 100mm travel.

 Long & low, not made for slow.

Excellent clearance on this frame, room for a 2.5" with clearance no sweat.

 On to Brad A's frame after the one I'm working on now - like I said, pics scrambled.

 Some shop tips - a DIY butting gage reader.

And, how to move big things solo - this is hard to move, solid steel base, but with a simple rod underneath I can shove it across the room in a wheelchair with a small shove.

 I get sent lots of things - it makes my day! I got some Luck today - Thank You!

 I need all I can get, here is what I'm looking at right now - A shelf of Luck - imagine how screwed I'd be without all this luck - there are some bad-ass things in there, each with a unique story.

I also got a really cool looking book, it's next on the reading pile. Who are you, and thanks allot -
 I LOVE books.

 He-Man brazing rig. Get your fire on!


 These big head tube brazes are done with a Victor #3 and 3/32nd rod

 Above, mono-braze, below, a tight bead.

Checking clearances. Nice clearance for a 2.35 x 29er no problem.

 Tight fit-ups. These are all for David M's 29er.

Coco-Motos all diet'ed out.

 That's it for now, all - thanks so much for reading!


jgerhardt said...

Those horizontal dropouts, are they custom or can anyone get them?

steve garro said...

just for me & my clients.

David Lewis said...

You do some very nice work! I learned on full size drawings, and I figured I'd just continue that way. It's nice to know it's still done that way professionally.

David Lewis