Monday, August 12, 2013

And into August, building away among other things.

 I have allot of pokers in the fire right now, and have a few bikes at paint, and am building along in my some what slow, methodical manner - fillet brazed bikes with lots of curves take time, and thanks for the patience, all.
This is why I quit taking orders for awhile, to concentrate on getting people the bikes they ordered, rather then flirt with others, and living off deposits. this is a bad thing to do, and leads to a builder's eventual demise.
If I want to get paid in any form, bikes must be finished. this is good.
Also, sorry for not posting as often here on the blog, I figure I will save you from daily updates on my mood, opinions, cooking photos, ect. For what it's worth, the Coconino Cycles FB page is VERY active.......I know, I know....."I hate Facebook" you say........well, I still have a landline, listen to CD's, and read actual books - the only constant is change, and if you want more action (like, daily pictures) check that out. If you like outdated analog, stick here, and you will get the condensed version, the good stuff, really. thanks for sticking with the blog, all ten of you! I've put allot for work into it for going on seven years.
 Anyway, Barin's bike came out absolutely gorgeous.

 650B, graceful curves & flow, ready for anything.
More pics when it's orange, and the cruiser will return from fancy paint soon as well.

Alignment. I am a picky bastard.

 Damn near water tight fit.
 Hot & fluxy.
 Soaked - a damn nice braze, there.

 "Fun Stays"
 Kyle O's frame set off to the races!
 Very cleanly silver brazed.
 Cleaned up, and ready for canti spigots.
 We have a small orchard, and are flooded with peaches, I am drying boatloads of them, and on top of D's family reunion in WI we also had family out here for a week, so I have been a mighty busy camper!
That's it for now, building  bikes from the top of the stack so I can get to yours - the bikes just keep getting better & better - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

My new bike is going to get many years of happy use and will be promoted at any given chance. The Merlin it is replacing is only 17 years old so I figure to be riding the Coconino into my senior years. So jazzed!

Mimbres Man said...

The bike it is replacing is only 17 years old, so I'll be happily riding the Coconino into my senior years. It'll will be thoroughly tested and enjoyed! Really jazzed!

Anonymous said...

If it's Barin from NM then it is probably an old Merlin!

Water Buffalo

Craig said...

Reader #3 checking in. Love your work, Steve. I hope you keep the blog going, but I am on FB too. Looking forward to the Dirt Rag review!