Sunday, July 21, 2013

Been making lots of bikes!

I finished this bike for review by Dirtrag magazine - it's sweet.
 All XT, Fox 120mm travel 650B fork, Thomson post & stem, WTB rubber, rims & saddle, a full Chris King gruppo, and a stunning emerald by Spectrum Powder Works.
Just a good old trail bike.
I simply love the color, it has a gold pearl as well but the rain & clouds did not let that be shown - the logo matches the shock uppers.
I give you this!
(and thanks for all the rain)
below, next to D's beloved 650B [one of three] this her main bike, a one speed.
 Above, Tim's 29er+ touring/trail/moon buggy bike.
 We called this color "Camel Tone"
 It looks surprisingly normal with 3" tires.

 .......And, custom rack mounting with Old Man Mountain racks.......
 Ready for travel!
 Check the pics below for mounting tips.

 29er+ Coconino Mountain Cruiser!
TONS of work on these babies - i think I've made almost 20 mountain cruisers by now.
I polished it for days...........
 I'm always stoked to start these, and really happy to finish them.

 "Howdy" from Dr. Shredmor.
 Trying to get out riding twice a week to not feel so bad & calm my messed up nervous system.
Beautiful trails out now.
 Little dog seems to have topped out - not growing much = fun sized!
 Beautiful wife/beautiful forest
 Excellent pictures by D.

 I love the forest.
Cheers to you all, thanks for your patience, kicking out bikes as you can see.
Some of the next builds: Barin B, Kyle O, B-Bar, Michael G, David M, Brad A, K-Bar, E. Mark, Steve C, Tom F, Teresa H, Deb L............and many, many more.
Full plate, chewing away.
- thanks for reading, Steve.


J_K said...

Tim's 29er+ looks great, color suits very well for the style!
I'd like to know what chainstays you used, Deda 29er stays maybe? How about the chainstay length?

Kyle O said...

Great stuff as always. That fat-bike tourer looks bomber.

Japhy rider said...

nice post steve, good to hear from you again in blogland. not everyone participates in facebook, so this is our only line of communication (aside from the occasional visit).

the bikes looks awesome! when will you open the "cue" again?


Craig said...

Love your work, Steve! You're an inspiration to me. Keep it up.