Friday, June 21, 2013

MF's bike outta here, two at paint, and we are out of here until 7/3

MF's 29er back from custom paint - it's stunning - and, quite a big bike as well - MF is 6'7".
I've really been enjoying building extra tall bikes, it's a cool niche.
They make 29er wheels look "right"
A great parts pic as well including wheels laced in-house ('natch) with XT, Stan's, King, Fox, Thomson.......the good stuff!
 The orange is just excellent, as is the entire color scheme.
 Tall yet propotional - a bike should just look "right" and "flow" reguardless of rider or wheel size.

 2x10 drivetrain with the ability to still bolt on the 42 tooth big ring & drop people if need be.
 TH's 29er+ touring bike/moon buggy/fishfinder is at paint.
 Quite the project - lots learned.......
 Some clean brazing.
 And, a really nice, strong ST/TT/SS junction.
That is never going to budge.
Also, out of here until 7/3 to go to D's side of the family's reunion.
When I return straight into T. McK's bike, then Barin's 650B, KO's 26er frame & fork, B-Bar, MG's bike, David M.........ect........
Stay tuned, folks & thanks for all you pacience & support - you all ROCK.
- Steve.

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