Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Working along through June.

 Been really damn busy!
Waiting for the Tall Bike to come back from paint, as well as this bike for Dirtrag Magazine - a 650B, also at Spectrum.
 It came out pretty damn nice.
 And then on to Tims's 29er+
I have to build another one, and then these are going to be the last ones for a little while while this platform evolves a little bit.
I'm not against it, but I want to see where it's going before I commit to any more.
For now I'm going to stick to a maximum 29er tire of 2.4" as I make bikes for trails & dirt roads (pretty much) as that's what I'm going to stick to.
 Here, checking it out.
 Looking good.

 Building lots of custom wheelsets as well.

 Seat stays.
 Making almost all of the parts for these out of straight aircraft 4130 from scratch.
 Working with tubes, marking the bowing & fishmouthing.

 Gus-Gus supervising office work.
 How it's supposed to fit.

New dedicated 650B x 120mm fork!
Just building one bike after another so I can get to yours.
For more frequent updates as well as pictures of all kinds including tons of client pics check us out on Facebook - Coconino Cycles or Steve Garro.
Lots going on over there.
Thanks for reading!
- Steve.

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