Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So busy it's hard to blog - just making bikes, mostly. Ready for a big post?

 D. got surprised with a new 650B!
 One for the curves
 After hours build finish - full King gruppo, 120mm travel x 15mm thru-axle fork, Thomson stem and post......
Mechanic's eye view (mine) Below = STOKED!
I was cranking through John's 29er, so much so that this is the only picture I took - sorry......
 So, I took some today: below, tacked.
 And here, brazed.
 Here I find a quick & novel way to trim that pesky 2" off that seat post.
 Badges, we got stinking badges.
 Above, a new facer/chaser = a cool $500.00 out the door.
44mm headtubes are here to stay, me thinks.
Below, a shitload of True Temper tubing, made in the USA.
 It snowed! We have gotten 7-8" more since this.
 Connie Towndsend did this beautiful portrait of Sally, we are so happy about it!
It really captures her insanity.......
 Here, pics of the Big Bike, 6'9" rider, thanks for the shots from the field!
 Eiji got his awesome rigid 650B build up, and it's all ready for the mountains of Japan.
 Below, one of those weird fuzzy photos that are all the rage now of a 29er that went out of here a month or so ago.
 Aki "Angry Bee" Takamura on his favourite trial in Japan on his Coco 29er.
 Bill's bike in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico, this bike just left a few months ago as well - thanks for all the client pics, folks - keep em' coming, thanks!
 Annie won!
 Another from Aki, this one with snow.
 And here, the latest acquisition for the shop, it's out there in it's crate, not even opened yet......
 Still hot brazing on John's bike.

And, that's what I got right now. Thanks for reading!
- Steve.

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Sabrosa Cycles said...

nice work with the little orange surprise for your lovely lady. fine looking steed.