Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bikes moving out, random pics.

 JC's bike got sent off to SLC, man, it came out really beautiful!
 I also built a new bike for D, it has all the current Coconino features, which I'll do a post on when it returns & gets built.
 Polishing up the frame.
 Fully brazed, D's bike.
 Some damn nice brazing, and even tacking defined.
 Random shot of mitering.
Block is to keep opposing miters in phase.
 A final check on alignment before brazing, and below brazed stays, there's the better part of 1/2 a rod in each end, may look really messy but actually only 10min or so of cleanup.

 Seatstays, and squaring things up proper.
 Seattube sub assembly being checked for straight at the get-go.
 And, the get-go.
Thanks for reading, all!
- Steve.

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