Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A few quick pics of the big bike, crazy busy! / build queue list

 This unit is done & out the door, been really busy with the short days and almost every bike is a full build with totally different parts - custom takes time.
This is vermilion with a pearl topcoat, we are not getting much sun right now, bummer because it's a really sweet color.
Hours later, wrapped up in the dark.
120mm travel fork with 15mm thru-axle, 180 cranks, King gruppo, 30.0 seat post, rider is 6'9" tall.
I also have one back from paint I need to finish prepping, I dropped the headbadge tap and shattered it, and had to wait the weekend to try to locate a local 2-56 tap, and I am just about wrapped up with a special project, the John L's bike, Barry W. (We need to chat about details) Steve K, Michael L, Jonah M, Josh B, Tim H, Jim E, Matthew F, Rhino, Taylor McK, Barin B, Kyle O, Bryce B, L.A., E-Mark, K-Bar, David M, Karl, Brad A, Steve C.
Thanks for your patience, I's knocking them out one after the other, I am slowing down in my old age but the bikes just get sweeter & sweeter - Steve.

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