Friday, April 20, 2012

Rex's frame, Chris's bike.

 Rex's frame all done & ready to go to Nor-Cal for some fun in the sun & mud - sweet matte green!

 Front & back.........

 Excellent curves.
 Chris N's frame getting an alignment check before I proceed onto adding the rear - you have to get this part just so before you start adding the rear end, where things get complicated.

 Blogger has a new "better" interface which I am trying to figure out with much frustration and yelling at the screen.
 Above I have spearpointed the stays with a hacksaw, warding file and 1/2 round and vented them and then brazed it up quite cleanly if I must say - there is 1/2 of an almost 3' long brass rod in each end.
 Seatstays all fit together, brazed up, bent and mitered.
 Ready for seat stays.
 Alignment check, again.
 Cleanly brazed up and ready for de-fluxing and polishing.
 Totally brazed up.
 And after much toil all polished up & ready for braze-ons and then paint.
 Nice curves in the sun.
Full braze-ons installed and damn near ready to go get some gravy.

Thanks for reading all & have a great day! - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the show & tell Steve! I love that you do the dropout slots by hand and get it fit up so snug! I wish I could pull that off so nicely.
Question - a 1/2 rod of brass is a bunch of filler, and exactly 45.67 grams (..just kidding). Is that much needed or can less be used? Have you tried to use, say...1/3rd...or is it standard practice that around 1/2 rod goes in there?
Teaching myself leaves lots of gaps...

steve garro said...

shove some metal in there, bro - create a solid plug of brass filling the end of the stay & fully supporting the dropout!