Thursday, March 29, 2012

Noah's frame, Rex's frame, projects.

Noah's frame and project winding down - a really cool looking matte finish which looks like graphite. Just a super great bike for endurance racing and single track riding in Missouri.
nice curves!

Side view.

Back view showing the swoopy stays and Coco-moto dropouts.

.........And, from the front showing the headbadge, curves and flow.

Scott's frame all fixed up with a new front triangle after the roof rack incident - good to go.

Side view - basic black.

Rex's bike at the get-go, ready to start cutting tubes.

Sussing up the various components to begin - Prestige helical down tube, Deda stays, True Temper custom drawn 4130, Paragon BB and stainless steel dropouts.

Alignment check - coming along very straight.

All tacked up, just needing seat stays. A comfortable 26" MTB for swoopy trails, mud and all weather riding to be used with a 14-speed internally geared Rohloff hub in Nor-Cal.

Seat stays - not a swoopy as Noah's bike, the sliders put the drop outs outside of the plates the hub bolts to and as such the rear end is wider, so you bend the stays less or they are too wide and you risk heel clip.......

Fit-up = everything is tight, very tight.

It's going to have these on it, too.

Thanks for reading all - quite very busy with everything and there has been a good number of new orders coming in as well, so more of the same - tubes in, bikes out, right on.

- Steve.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noah's frame almost done, some sun time, some snow time.

Noah's frame winding down - I'll be really stoked to get him his bike, I'm always very grateful for each and every order and am equally thankful for their patience - thanks, all of you!

I just need to polish the head tube fillets & add the few braze-ons. Almost there - mandatory office day today to catch up on parts, frame building supplies, bills, checks, bank, filing invoices, taxes..........etc ad nauseum.

Checking the stays to ensure that the hub is centered with the entire frame.

The line is "nuts-on" whereas the dot is "super-nuts-on"


Final alignment check - straight.

A cool shot during the check to show the S-bend stays.

Headtube fillets, golden goodness. I love brass - I do.

More fillets.

I do offer no-file frames as well - if interested, ask.

A detail shot of the beads - every single one is a freeze/thaw puddle made with the torch in one hand and the brass rod in the other.

I can braze with both hands.......

After much polishing!

Drive By Smiling!

We spent some time in Camp Verde linking up singletrack - there's all kinds - rocky.....


.......swimmin' holes.......

Even flowers down there, while 40 miles north in Flag........... snows 30" in ~ 48 hours. it's all about altitude.

Hey! thanks for reading, all - Steve.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noah's bike, frame repair service, great client pics - Thanks!

Here is Noah's bike from the get-go - a 29er off to Missouri.
It is a fun project, and Noah is into the build process so I'll try to put a light onto what I'm trying to achieve with this and all builds - optimise the ride.
I designed the bike around his propensity to do endurance races in the twisty trails where he lives so it has to be comfortable while retaining sharp yet predictable handling while taking pain out of his lower back, neck and hands.

Here i am fitting up the down tube while the jig is empty - handy! ca-click! - I have been nailing miters - it's fun
I checked the geo on his current scoot, one of the "big" proponents of 29er bikes, to see what I had changed - my geometry has a seat tube angle a full 2* slacker then his "current" ride (pun intended - inside joke) as he pushed his saddle back all the way, and to rotate his hips, taking pressure off the lower spine and moving the pressure points more onto his IT/sit bones.
This also shortened up the front center of this frame from the stock one almost 1" while keeping the chain stay length the same, and the seat tube is shorter as well, 16.5" center to center.
The head tube is 1cm longer, to raise the hands as much as possible while still allowing as much stand over clearance as possible while still being able to remove a large H2O bottle from the seat tube safely at speed for endurance racing while using a 100mm 29er fork with a stand over of 33" - allot of things to consider!

Seat tube assembly done - I put allot of time into these and I feel it pays forward hugely in the lifespan of the bike.
tubing/parts list: True Temper supertherm down tube, RC2 seat tube & head tube, Dedacciai chain stays, hand formed, custom drawn True Temper top tube and seat stays, handmade seat tube sleeve, Paragon BB shell, and custom Coco-moto dropouts.

Detail of seat tube sleeve, silver brazed on.

........front triangle all tacked together.........

......... And checked for straightness, H2O bottle holes drilled - good to go.

And then chain stays added and again, checked for alignment............ well as checked for component compatibility - a 2.35" Panaracer Rampage all the way forward.

And, a Blackspire 32T ring with a good 5mm of ring clearance.

On to seat stays tomorrow, office morning today & then I NEED to go for a bike ride - my body is killing me & I need to stretch it out.

Scott's car-to-overhead frame all tacked together with a new front triangle - one of the beauties of steel is it's repair-ability - this frame rode all the way across Asia on the Silk Road and then was used for thousands of miles of mountain biking only to get crushed on a roof rack, but some paint & it's back out there after around eight years of use and ready for many, many more!

My 1st braze in three weeks - pretty good, it's just going to get painted & get set back out.

The original damage - ouchy-poo!

Brazing, as you can see, it very strong.

I got these pics from Justin in NC of his finished Coconino - Damn, that came out really, really sweet - love the color!

And, one more - what a graceful rig. It always amazes me to see them after they have left my hands and I can see them in a clear vision separate from the fabrication process.

And, JM's bike - a tall bike for a tall guy - yep, those are 29" wheels!

That's it for now, folks - thanks so much for reading! - Steve.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Right back to work, mid-march 2012.

Debbie's bike all ready for pick-up on Sunday - quite the looker!
There's just something about a rippin' 26" MTB that is visually plesing in the lines & curves.

I love how the frame flows from the headtube all the way to the axles.
One of my favourite reds, too - with pearl topcoat for depth.

I'm liking red.

Also, got the roofrack-to-carwash bike repair almost done, it's in the dunktank and going to paint soon.

Back to work, I picked up three more orders while gone, so I'll put up a nre build queue soon.

Next is Noah C's and Rex C's bikes - Steve.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Back from Baja, back to work.

Wow - what a great trip!
Enjoy the pics, there are allot, and grouped into a few classes, as we did an out & back. They are roughly set up thusly: Sunrises/sunsets, random faves, desert, whales, San Ignacio, Bahia Concepcion, and the Boojum Forest.