Friday, May 06, 2016

New bikes & build list 5/6/16

 A sweet shot of the awesome 650B that left awhile back to live in the Sonoran Desert - thanks!

 And a new 650B at it's unboxing

 Damn, that came out stellar.

 A beautiful sight on a rainy day

 Excellent smoothness and organic flow

 She's a looker - now cruising the trails of Nor-AZ

 Then I knocked out this 26" for Boone, NC = at paint now.


 Ready for anything

 And now I'm working on a 29er for AZ

Current build queue, if anything has changed, LET ME KNOW:

Andrew K, Don B: At Paint.

John U: in the jig.

Next: Pav, Stu L, Jason R, Eric P, David T, BT, Tom F.

On Hold - you are all getting close to having to decide if you want a bike before I go on sabbatical or get a refund - if you get a refund, you can be inline for a bike when I come back but you have to get it RIGHT THEN - new system will not include deposits at all!

Bill S, Steve H, Kip M, Dana E, Chris R, Paul E, Craig M.

If you don't see you name or have any question, just drop me a line at my e-mail, please!
 - Steve.

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