Monday, May 30, 2016

27.5" x 3.0" MTB done, 29er in the works, build list, days off!

 Holy cow!
Been super busy with barely any time off i the last two weeks and so I am taking the next four days off as my arthritis is raging and I need some time out of the shop.

Anyway, this 26" is at paint.

 And then into a 29er, which is also at paint.

 Wax on, wax off.

 Unicrown for for ANOTHER 29er

 Various bikes going on simultaneously as many are full builds

 John's 29er - done & off for gravy.

 And now Pav's 29er, which I am taking a little break from, I'll finish it next weekend.

 Coming along super nicely, and I'd have it done, but........

 .........This came back from paint, and it was a full on build day

 Man, it came out awesome.

 Check that out.

 Now that's a Mountain Bike.

 Sweet client treat!

So here's what's up right now - out of here for four days, then:

* Finish Pav's frameset

*John & Don's bike are at paint

*Stu, you are up.

Then - Jason R, Eric P, David T, Dana E, BT, Tom F

Hold List, inform of status:

Bill S, Kip M, Paul E, Steve H, Chris R, Craig M, Garrett S.

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