Saturday, March 05, 2016

Baja spring 2016 = what a blast!

 I saw lots of things on this trip I have never seen, and just couldn't capture some in photos, like hundreds of sea turtles, skates, fin whales up close & personal, giant schools of leaping manta of which I caught - man, they sure whup the hell out of you but released unharmed.

 D's slick new cockpit setup

 Schools of rays!!

 Trigger Fish - delicious!



 As good as it gets in my book

 This pastel sunrise was stunning in it's depth.

 Let's get out there!


 Leaping mantas

 Another day!

 Coffee up - rising time about 4:30-5AM for optimum kayaking as wind is imminent

 The last vestiges of dirt highway 5

 Pretty singing!

 Organ pipes & fall in the elephant tree forest

 The plant life is simply amazing and unique.

 Hell Yeah!
Tony slings some awesome tacos - a frequent stop.

 And then our first of two whale watching trips, this one in Guerrero Negro

 That's a huge creature!

 This is the easiest place to get to to see whales.

 This may be one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world - Tacos del Mar, a truck by a gas station in Vizcaino - open every day but Thursday until 3PM

 Home-made Jamaica and scallop tacos!!!!!!

 Caballero approved

 Banana flowers!

 A field trip to La Bocana - wins for most osprey nests in a given town!

 Then to one of my absolute favourite places on this earth.

 Osa's too!

 One more?

 Ospreys everywhere

 Lizard fish

 D. freaking slayed me on day one!


 A damn nice corvina

 White ibis

 Dibs on that last beer!

 Good fishing for all

 Sea turtles - damn hard to photo - sooooo fast!

 Reddish egret - a funny bird, a very erratic chaser of tiny fish, and very pretty

 Typical winter fishing, kinda slow & small, but I'll see these cortez halibut in October when they are about 24"

 Watch them, they bite aggressively!

 Green jack - not good to eat, fun to catch.

 And into baby broom tail groupers!
Turn them back until they hit 10-15 pounds, and they can hit 250!!!!
I think it was a damn big one of these that totally spooled me, my reel was smoking

 Like damn aggressive bass


 Typical highway scenes

 And to San Ignacio to see my friends & stock up

 Fog is typical

 We went to Mulege but got turned north due to wind, which turn out to be a good call.

 Volcan Tres Virgenes and - 7000ft vertical around 15 miles from the sea, a sky island home to a micro ice age plant community in it's caldera

 Food for all!

 New friends!!
Kelly, Becky, Todd, Heidi and Mark at Loncheria Kadakaaman - a killer spot!

 I have not been to Laguna san Ignacio since our all dirt MTB trip along the length of the peninsula in 1995


 He gave us directions and rode of to nowhere

 It was killer!!!!

 We got Backy & Kelly to go

 It's amazing.

 And it will change your mind

 We got a sweet haul of blue crabs and giant fan scallops as a nearby village - man, they were so damn good.

 Kelly & Mark - they rocked!


 Kelly & Becky's rigs

Like if Andy Kaufman was from Cadiz - he was who he was for sure.

 Interesting road.......

 Driven by wind to return

 And it did not suck at all

 Crater Lake sighting!

 Morning dolphins

 Osa is hugely fascinated by them

 To catch the groupers you have to chuck a 5" husky jerk as far as a 7' rod will allow right to the edge of the mangroves without snagging them, then you get to see them attack in crystal clear water about 2' deep - always release to about 10lbs as the get to 30 and sometimes 250

 D caught a freaking Bonefish!!!!!!!

 Crowned night heron

 These are the "Bite-y-est" fish down here, this one bit my leg.

 White ibis

 "Our" osprey


 Another crowned night heron

 We hit big pods of medium corvinas


 Just sick conditions, there were tons of sea turtles

 Stock up for dinner in BoLA

 Custom accomidations

 Maria - she's great

 Mada rocked!


 Crushed dreams

  Damn cool fish, they fascinate me how the eye migrated to one side

 So camo on the sand where they live, I saw lots of rays and even a few skates

 Pompano - delicious, they were barely hooked, lost tons about as big around as a football, which is sad, as they are delicious.

 Maria y Ricardo - love these two.



 Scallop tacos round two!
Dios Mio they are amazing.

 These ladies...........oh my lord, can they cook.

The finest highway 1 conditions - it's tight at best, terrible at worst.

 We went to see the Peninsular Pronghorn recovery program, super cool, one of the rarest land animals in North America.

 About 480 in the world, this is so the does can have babies away from predations, and the Machos just hang out.

 They are totally isolate due to the fact that the mist desert that waters their succulents only covers a limited area.
They never need to drink.

 An old Ford Aeromotor - a flashback to my childhood

 A crested Cardon - I didn't know they existed, as Saguaros also rarely show this mutation

 Some of the most beautiful desert, and I know my deserts.

 Cardon & Boojum

 Elephant trees

 Palo Adan


 Princess Bikers!

 I have never had such optimum conditions here for kayaking.
This place will kill you.

 A paddle to the islands, about a 2.5 mile open crossing with strange tidal features, and deadly winds can spring up without warning - utmost caution required.

 A cabrilla pintica = nice one, they get maybe 2x this big, maybe 3x

 Barracuda grabbing!
Hell yes, they bite, and flail, and drip copious amount of slime as defense.

 Best kelp award

 A pretty little pintica


 Garlic scallops!

 Octopus Cocktail

Should have brought more lures - they are better then money down here, FYI.

 Ghost crab

 Awesome women, marine biologists all, we love them!
Erika, Alejandra y Betti

 Boating with Erika!
Her & my friend Angel have an ecotour / fishing / whale / whale shark tour company, info upon request, just hit me up.

 It was freakin' badass.

 How about that?

 Osa trips out on dolphins!

 Her & D are pals

 Y Martin también

 Isla Coronado

 Her "Girly" lure - hot pink is her lure color of choice

 Nice gold spot bass, they max out around 6lb

 What an awesome day

 Cod - as delicious as hideous, Erika kept the head & spend for soup.

 D caught a shark!
I grabbed it to check it out, but tit got loose, we release them anyway

 A 1st for me, a sculpin of some sorts, watch those back spines, toxic........

 It was real nice in 1991.........

 Passing down some fish cleaning wisdom

 Mike & Meredith, they rocked!
We meet so many friends down here.

Man, can this lade cook, and she os SO nice.

 Shrimp omelets!

 Boojums were leafed out

 Well..........can't take it across the border, so..........

 Coconino stoke!

And a final stop at Tacos Junior before the border, this guy sure can sling some tacos, man.

And back to there "real" world - it was so damn fun.


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