Sunday, February 07, 2016

What's up 1/7/16, plus build queue and news

 I'm building along as fast as my body will let me, I've had some wicked arthritis lately - here, working on a 650B x 3.0"

 Man, it came along just smooth

 Excellent clearances + sliders for different hub & QR interchangeability, as well as adding larger tires at a later date(s) also used the Paragon Machine Works thru-bolt = Very clean.

 Lay then down, polish them up.

 Some good & wide fun stays

 And a copper 29er came back from paint

 Waiting for pickup from Bend, OR

 650B+ all finished up.


I have JP's bike here for pickup, JJ's at paint, NT's off to paint tomorrow, I'll be gone all week tending the farm, then we are off to Mexico until March 4th, and none too soon, as my back is shot, I have arthritis from the cold, and my thumbs are pretty damn loose, and hurt - vacation time - then, here all summer & fall until October, just building bikes and working around what looks to be a big fruit season, which will eat up hundreds of hours from June to end of August- fruit waits for no one.

So returning on March 4th to a clean slat and it's:

Andrew K - ON DECK - let me know about wheels

Don B, Perry D, Eric P, Chris R, John U, Stu L, Jason R, David T, BT, Matt F, Tom F.

On Hold:
Bill S, Steve H, Kip M, Dana E, Paul E (Are you coming from Oz?) Pav x 2, Craig M.

Everyone On Hold let me know your status, as I'm building out the list and doing some PT, and maybe having a shoulder surgery and I don't want work taking me away from healing, I did that once 10 years ago.
If you get built out you will get your deposit returned in full, *and* first dibs when my queue re-opens in a few months after I determine if I need to go under the knife.
 Thanks for understanding!

 - Steve.


Paul Eckert said...

Hi,mate,there's a very good chance I'll be able to sneak up to CCWHQ to collect,assemble n ride etc. Things have changed somewhat down here,it could be best ever...

steve garro said...

Let me know, man!

Paul Eckert said...

Will definitely keep you in the loop...sourcing respectably priced XTR Di-2 is proving difficult...Have shift/brakeset already..hunting cranks and derailleurs,without risking bankruptcy ;)

mom said...

I wish you the best in your endeavors.Soak up some sun,drink some beer,eat some strange fish enjoy Denise and Osa for all its worth .You have suffered in so many ways but are blessed in so many others.Love you Mom