Sunday, February 08, 2015

Four bikes at paint, building along, out of the shop Feb 23rd for 11 days.

 Here we are where we left off last post, with another 650B

 As laid, just have to polish it up!

 End of the day, time for a beverage!

 My polishing station - the padding is to rest my knees on.

 Shiny - my best foot forwards.

 Stainless dropouts for Russell, a small price upgrade - such gems.

 Next few builds, a dirt roadster and a rohloff cruiser coming up.

 I reckon that's good to go.

 Kevin's bike = off to paint on Monday.

 Cool light as the sun sets.

 It has taken me 12 years to get here.

 Next up, a cruiser for Tod L. of Flagstaff.

And a "Howdy" from Gus-Gus.

Soon I hope for some bikes back from paint, and I'm out of the shop from Feb 23rd for 11 days.

Thanks, all!
 - Steve.

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