Monday, February 23, 2015

Bikes in, bikes out, we are out too until March 6th

 Sorry for the lag time in-between blog posts, I don't often cook one up until I have good stuff to show, having covered most of building's minutiae in the nine years (!) since I started this blog.
So, working through this cruiser, it won't get completed until I return from Baja, we will be back on March 6th.

 This fit used to give me fits………I may have to count how many Mountain Cruisers I have made, it must be dozens?

 Hot metal-on-metal action!
The key for that double seat stay braze is "lots."

 Here is a completely different project that will be super cool - a Dirt Roadster with Richard Sachs crown, legs & steerer tube, and all stainless steel Paragon dropouts, and a whole bunch of other Awesome.

 Above, deck o'cards reinforcing tangs and Sachs crown, below, the Sachs specific legs on the right, thinner * bigger, me likey.

 Straight is great!
It's a good feeling to not have to bang your head against the wall over this stuff.


 And, now on to the bikes ……

 650B/27.5", I have a picture in the sun below, I just wanted to show what a versatile color this is.
 Built up with King, Fox, Easton, Thomson, XTR, WTB, ODI, XT……….
 Very light, very fast, nimble yet stable = what you want in a MTB.

 Then there is this satin grey 29er, the logos are painted on, frame only, maybe my 1st frame to Indiana.

 Allot of work in this junction - funstays, ho-made sleeve, hand cut web brace, cable stop stars, and lots of polishing.

 Nice flow!

 Hot orange matte frame also left, and I have another one still out getting fancypaint.


 Below, in the sun - fantastic, it just pops!

 Here is a fork for the cruiser above - it came out super great, lots of work in these too.

 I love Unicrowns as they are so clean.

 And smoothness.

That's it for now!
See you guys after March 6th.
 - Steve.

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Newb Biker said...

Not sure which I like more, your jig, your braze work or the finished product.