Friday, September 19, 2014

September, Makin' the bikes…….random picture sequence due to blogger (?)

 For unknown reasons Blogger scrambles my posts, but so it is - thanks for sticking with me here.
Anyway, what you see here is a Shimano CX-50 crank, this bike used a fair number of parts from this group.

 Above, cleanly brazed, and below custom bend chain stays.

 Straight, just a real smooth build……

 The frame is upside down to install an oval tubular brace for fender mounts.

 Smooth, very smooth.


 Above, one done, below another started.

This red 29er is ready to go, and the color is stunningly rich.

 Great lines, and really smooth.

 Below, a World Tourist.
Lots of work on these!
More pics when she comes back from paint.

Thanks for reading!
 - Steve.

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