Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And August winds down / 666th post / lots o' pics.

It was pointed out to me by a friend that I was on the history board at the Moab Slickrock Trailhead - I did not know this - photo from Team Mutant, 1988, that's an Ibis Trials Comp.

And another friend got ahold of me just today & gave me this shot of my previous life to my previous life - initial attack wild land firefighter, late 80's - my first year was Yellowstone, '88 - the big one.

And I was in Bike Magazine's "Best of the last 20yrs"

This fine one speed I just made got 1st in the 4hrs of Humboldt - 7000ft+ of climbing - one his first ride on the bike, his first single speed MTB ride…….whoa, congrats!

Another from my client in VT who completed a super hard 100mi+ on/off pavement race - strong work!

This gorgeous 29er is off to Illinois today.

I an currently filing down & polishing this 29er for AZ.

This red 29er monster truck cruiser went out to rave reviews.

Standard & metric crescents.

 Another cruiser one.

Some time down in the Verde Valley.

And some time out fishing………

It flash flooded!

D. got a nice one!

Just checking in, building away as fast as I can, thanks for reading!
 - Steve.


DMC said...

A story of inspiration... Told through photos and words.. Keep the wheels moving..

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. I love the old and new ones!

Tracy said...

I think your old hat is fine too, btw. Why mess with a good old hat?!

Mimbres Man said...

Great post!

B Williams said...

Thanks for the inspiration.

Japhy rider said...

wrenches? i thought those were micrometers!

great pics steve. thanks for sharing.