Monday, September 16, 2013

Latest bikes out the door.

 This beautiful 650B went to go live in the Gila National Forest in NM
 It came out just super-awesome.
Here, we had it set up 1st with Groovy love handles, but switched to a Thomson Titanium.
 Busting out some fun stays........

 Don't get all bent or anything.
 Set for dual mitering.
 End of the day, clean up, have a beer, take it in.
 All brazed up, and as of right now at Spectrum Powder Works.

 Above, roughed out, below, full polish.
 Nice curves, tight miters.
 So, tack it already!

A complete bike now, and almost ready for paint.
In the hotseat, get ahold of me now if you have not already done so:
Michael G, David M, Brad A, K-Bar, *Baja* E-mark, Steve C, Tom F.
And more.......
- Steve.

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Mimbres Man said...

Love'n my bike! It's getting Gila Proven for sure!