Sunday, December 04, 2011

The touring duo projects winding down - whew......

Justin's frame is back, no sun pics as it's been snowing like crazy, but man - I dig the color allot.
"BMW-Mini Cooper ice blue"

A nice little rack I made for the front fork, which yes, I also made. Quite the project - 71 individual pieces that i counted........

Willets design Paragon disc mount and Paragon dropouts. The rack is totally unfiled.

Final checks on Douglas's & then it's off to paint to become British Racing Green.

Matching fork. Damn, touring bikes are a ton of work - I'm re-thinking the pricing structure on these rigs.

Polishing the stainless steel couplers. Nice work bench, huh?

DH's pile O' goods.

And, the beginning of Beth's very cool bike - not sure what to call it? BMX/MTB/Commuter/Travel bike. - Cool.

That's it for now - just checking in - BUSY. The touring bikes along with the eye injury, blowing out my back, my wife's 40th B-day and hosting the family thanksgiving sure too a toll on me the last month. Here's to things getting easier! Lots of snow so lots of work hours, and a surprising number of orders rolling in - thanks, All! - Steve.


Cyclebound said...

That blue looks sweet on that frame/fork. Helluva nice looking frame too. Hope you all are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Steve, your a maniac.. Rock on! -Bradman