Sunday, December 18, 2011

Douglas's frameset / still quite sick.

Wow, this is a very nice touring bike off to Woodstock, NY.
I love British Racing green. The silver items you see installed on the frame are S&S couplers, allowing the frame to be taken apart into two sections to allow for putting the bike into a travel case, eschewing airline baggage fees. Slick.

I worked yesterday and have to say that it did absolutely nothing in the way of making me any less ill. I am not good at taking it easy.
I will have all my office duties all cleared up and already have most of my mitering done on my next two frames.

Side view.

Rack and fender mounts, kickstand mount, smaller yet thicker tubing for dent resistance, a really, really nice touring bike ready to take the owner anywhere they want to go.

Matching fork with seven points of attachment. The bike was designed around Surly "nice racks" and they fit perfectly and are really, really "nice racks!"


That's it for now, all - thanks for reading. I'm just trying to get things done as this illness takes it's course. Sick & tired but not down!

Starting a new S&S bike tomorrow for Beth R. - Steve.

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Japhy rider said...

that is one beautiful frame and fork! if i ever wear out my brown touring bike, i'd likely go a similar route as this. got a few thousand more miles of travel before that happens though.

hope you feel better soon amigo.

merry solstice from the very dry Sierras.