Thursday, November 17, 2011

stuff & things - Nov. 2011

Busting out some segmented seat stays - I made the first pair too short (but, just right for the next build) by making them to my miter length, not my overall length. Oopsie............

Douglas's S&S x 700c fat tire world touring bike coming right along.

Broken down - sweeeet.

The rack I made for Justin's bike. Racks are hard! I have to build one every few years to remind me why I don't build racks.........

The whole enchilada - seventy-one individual pieces, many of them hand made from tubing or metal bar. Off to paint to become mini-cooper ice blue.

That's all I have for now - mandatory office day today. - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Racks may be a pain in the ass, but DAMN, it looks like that thing could support an adult passenger!


Jason said...

Can you enlighten me to why you are doing segmented seatstays?

Strength + lighter weight?
Bike too big and butted seatstays don't come that long?
Something else?


Anonymous said...

Manic Hispanic Rules!