Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Justin's project winding down, chipping away at Douglas's

Justin's frameset is done, but yet to go to paint for reason that you will see later in the post.

This frame came back from WI, I made it around eight years ago and it was doing just fine until a stick had it's way with the frame, derailleur, cassette, wheel and chain - ouch!

But, being steel, it is fixed and ready for more.

This was the start of Douglas's frame set.

Damn! this tubus rack is just beyond me. I have no clue as to how this is in any way supposed to be a functiong rack. I guess I will have to make one. I know that will work.

3rd water bottle mount.


.......and cleaned.

Douglas's bike at the get-go - well, I did make the fork first.

Here, I have completed all the slip-fit silver brazing. As you can see it's an S&S coupler bike - it will disassemble into two pieces for travel.

Couplers are very expensive, so I've been taking my time to not do anything bad like off setting the couplers or cutting anything too short - that would be sad, very sad.

All made into a front triangle.

The Paragon rack lugs arrived for justin's custom rack. Cute!

Gus-gus approved!

We got out for a paddle on the Verde - it was really nice to get out, I have not been out since I blew out my back - an MRI revealed a crushed anterior T-11 vertibrae, a floating bone fragment at the same, a bone fragment above my left pelvis, and a broken right rib. I told you my back hurt!

Here goes Mike Padian.

The beautiful Verde rim. it snowed the day before we went and the day after. Nailed it!

Charlie paddling down.

D. & Me.

We came back to this!

Just checking in, trying to dig myself out of the hole I created by getting hurt. Feeling better, but still pretty tweaked up. Doing what I can as fast as I can. just good to be off the couch - a rough month! - Steve.


DMC said...

Heal up my friend... glad to see the south house is paying off.

dbo said...

I had the same "durrr" moment when first installing the duo rack on my bike, followed by an "a-ha" moment. cool seeing all the various builds man, keep up the good work