Thursday, October 06, 2011


Six-Eight-Nate *just* got his bike built up - minutes ago! He is sooooooooo stoked!

I had a little eye incident which caused me a couple days delay on productivity. #&*%!

Yes I wear goggles but every few years you get an eye injury. Part of the job description........

No fun........big no fun.
A shot showing Six-Eight's oversized seat tube with re-inforcement.

Macro. Not to be filed, only painted.

Right after brazing..........

.........And, all the way to post paint. No-file frames now availible in any color just like any other frame.

CP's frame waiting to be stickered. Nice color!

300' of custom drawn tubing from True Temper. Made in the USA & custom drawn to my spec.

And, we did a nice float on the Verde River last week - good times!

Just doing various things while my eye heals - still some wonky vision - wierd depth perception, hopefully back at it 100% tomorrow - thanks for reading - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Nice! That reinforced BB is way cool, and the Coconino-spec tubes are very cool!

perryd said...

C-Pom's frame looks sweet! And stellar self portrait. You could crush a beer can with your stare. Cool.