Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10th anniversary river trip!

Just back from a five day paddle on the mighty Colorado! Much fun was had.
I sent this picture to Sea Kayaker magazine this morning and the editor told me if I had shot it in high-res I would have scored the cover shot - damn!

D. throwing some casts in camp.

A blue heron. I like to fish where the birds do - they have it down.

Floating into camp in fading light.

Small kayakers on the lower left.

Again - big walls, small boat.

The nicest fish I've pulled out of the Rio Colorado in around five years.

Barry & Eugene came along for laughs.

The sun peaking over the rim.

Lovely Wife puttering around camp.

A hell of a beauty caught by D. back in the drink!

Modern dinosaur holding court while resting one foot. One can see why my dad used to refer to these as "shit-a-quarts"

BW & EC cruising in the shade.

Euge's first kayak trip.

"the tooth" AZ'a largest free standing spire I have heard.

Nice fish! Paddle blade for scale is 22" long.

A fitting celebration for ten years of marriage. - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...


perryd said...

That pic is awesome. How many pixels do you have to have to get on the cover? Stunning photo all around.

steve garro said...

they said 3000x3000 and that's about 450x600