Monday, June 09, 2008

some nice days off.

had some nice days off! went fishing one day and went armbiking another and brazed up matt's frame in between - i'll do a post on it tonight. it was nice to be out in the forest for some good amount of time, i spend way too much time indoors by my self or just being on pavement. my previous life was about as different from that as could be. anyway, on friday i must have caught near twenty trout! i released all the dinks and anybody that wasn't harmed and still caught some good foot-longs. barry and jeff both caught a couple nice fatties in the 16-17" range. a trout sure gets allot bigger for every inch over a foot they live. a 20" trout is huge. then, got up into the drylakes hills yesterday and kicked out climb three/upper brookbank/lower wienie walk. very nice! i kicked it out in a little over three hours, pretty fast. it made me really tired. put me on the couch. all the forest is really greening up and flowers are coming out fast. they are ready to pop after holding tight during the late cold spring. gotta go, i have to load up and go to my MRI....... steve.


Eric said...

Looking good! That BB joint is quickly becoming by favorite.

Hope you are doing well-


Dawn Kish Photography said...

hey garro...i'm on the gimp squad this summer too..broken wrist...these are some nice shots of you arm biking but lets do some shots ya, dkish